About Us


After years of practical experience and knowledge in the field, we recognized the need for a smaller sign company that can provide the market with prompt service and better prices. We were established in February 2000.


Me. Van Leeuwen is skilled in graphic designing and does the handling of the administrative, financial and the graphic designing of the production department. Mr. Van Leeuwen is responsible for the marketing and also the management of daily production.


In addition to the member and her spouse, the enterprise has other employees:

  • Administration clerk: Mainly responsible for all office work, telephonic cliental and administrative work such as debtors and creditors.
  • Graphic artists (x2): Responsible for the designing of signage and the printing of such.
  • Sales Consultants (x2): Responsible for the marketing of the products.
  • Production Workers: Our well-established production team is responsible for the manufacturing and installation of the signage.


KM Graphics will strive to satisfy the needs of both the industrial and the commercial market with high-quality products, prompt service and competitive selling prices.


We are approved 3M and Avery Road Sign Converters.

We will provide the market with high-quality signage as per specifications of the customer e.g.: SABS approved safety signs, road signs, custom made signage, etc. We also provide consulting services such as the designing of corporate logos.


With the advantage that we already consist of the right size premises in our local industrial area, we can provide an immediate production line. We already have the most common used equipment for manufacturing.

Due to the fact that this is a wide spectrum field there won’t be any difficulty in the supply of raw materials for the manufacturing process. We won’t keep stock of the material, because all the suppliers can supply within a day.

Our Team: